Ontolog Forum Panel Discussion Preparation Page    (FR4)

Thursday 20 October 2005    (FR5)

(previously scheduled for 2005.10.27, this event has since been rescheduled to 2005.10.20)    (FR6)

Proposed discussion agenda    (GCT)

A brief overview of languages/tools/techniques in terms of how they relate to the above pespectives/concerns. Details on specifics deferred to short presentations.    (GD2)

TODO: use DavidMartin's slide #4 from SWANS presentation.    (GFP)

TODO: Provide URLs.    (GD3)

Focus on (1), (2), (5)    (GFN)

Focus on (1), (2), (3)    (GDG)

Focus on (1), (2)    (GDJ)

Focus on (5), (2), (5)    (GDD)

Legacy,plans,etc... relevant for (1), (3) & (4)    (GFO)

Pertinent Discussions so far    (FRC)

Outstanding Issues 2005.09.29    (GC9)

Key items for transfer to the main session page:    (GC1)

along with Date, Title, Moderator and List of Panelists    (GC2)

Abstract    (GC3)

(please draft)    (GC4)

Pertinent Questions for Discussion    (GC5)

(please draft and list)    (GC6)