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[socop-forum] 2nd CFP: 9th OTM Academy (Workshop for Ph.D. students)

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Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2012 20:46:45 +0200
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CALL FOR PAPERS: 9th OTM Academy (Workshop for Ph.D. students)    (01)

     September 10-11, 2012, Rome, Italy    (02)

In conjunction with OnTheMove Federated Conferences and Workshops (OTM'12)    (03)

Proceedings published by Springer LNCS
Deadline: abstracts due on May 18; papers due on May 25
=================================================================    (04)

if YOU are a Ph.D. student in information systems,...
• interested in feedback on your research plans and research
• unable to sufficiently exchange ideas, experiences, frustrations, hopes, 
… with peers
• planning to improve your scientific communication and presentation skills
• hoping to meet in real life authors whom you only know by their publications
• needing to acquire paper reviewing expertise
• eager to widen your horizon of professional interests
• and looking for some fun moments during work    (05)

You should submit to this year’s OTM Academy. It offers you...
• a means to publish your paper in the well known Springer LNCS series
• dedicated feedback and exclusive time of prominent professors, experienced 
researchers and experts in your field of research during the OTM Academy
• targeted suggestions how to improve your scientific writing and 
presentation skills by appropriate experts of the OTM Academy
• an international forum to present your research in a poster session in one 
of the OTM conferences
• access to all OTM conferences and workshops at a reduced registration fee
• a possibility to earn ECTS credits
• a dedicated OTMA LinkedIn group as an international network building 
• a friendly and fun atmosphere (several OTM social events) to meet other 
Ph.D. students and researchers in a nice and sunny place in the middle of 
ancient cultural heritage (Rome - Italy)
• the possibility to become a member of our Hall-of-Fame of past OTMA PhD 
students on our web page. Join for free the OTMA community and widen your 
networks    (06)

What to do ?
• coordinate your submission plans with your principal doctoral advisor
• take a look at the OTM Academy call-for-papers page 
• check if the topics match your research
• write your paper according to the instructions
• follow the instructions to upload your abstract and paper 
• respect formatting instructions (the Springer style for workshop papers)
• upload a camera ready version and register
• respect the deadlines and specific instructions
• prepare your presentation and bring along your poster
• meet and greet, listen and learn, ... and enjoy
• and maybe bring along your advisors to the OTM Conferences    (07)

Also other (Ph.D.) students without an accepted submission to the OTM Academy 
are encouraged to 
register as participants as it proves to be fruitful for them to observe and 
interact with presenting 
authors like you, and expand the pool of ideas to be discussed.    (08)

OTMA 2012 will award the best contribution !    (09)

   Abstracts Submission Deadline: May 18, 2012
   Paper Submission Deadline: May 25, 2012
   Acceptance Notification: July 2, 2012
   Camera ready received: July 16, 2012
   Registration Deadline: July 16, 2012
   OTM Academy '12: September 10 - 11, 2012
   OTM’12 Conferences: September 10 - 14, 2012    (010)

The program committee currently consists of the following reviewers:
• Galia Angelova (Bulgarian Academy of Science, Sofia, Bulgary)
• Christophe Bussler (Xtime Inc., USA)
• Paolo Ceravolo (Universitá degli Studi di Milano, Milan, Italy)
• Philippe Cudré-Maroux (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
• Jaime Delgado (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain)
• Alfred Holl (University of Applied Sciences Nüremberg, Germany), OTMA 
Accompanying Professor
• Frédéric Le Mouël (University of Lyon, France)
• Marcello Leida (Khalifa University Abu Dhabi, United Arabic Emirates)
• Erich J. Neuhold (University of Vienna, Austria), OTMA Dean
• Hervé Panetto (Nancy University, Nancy, France)
• Erik Proper (Public Research Centre - Henri Tudor, Luxembourg)
• Anja Metzner (University of Applied Sciences Augsburg, Germany) OTMA 
organising chair & Accompanying Professor
• Fatiha Saïs (Université Paris-Sud XI, France)
• Andreas Schmidt (Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, Germany)
• Peter Spyns (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium), OTMA organising chair
• Maria Esther Vidal (Universidad Simon Bolivar, Venezuela), OTMA 
Accompanying Profesor    (011)

For our young audience of PhD students we added a lot of details about all our 
faculty members on our 
web page (    (012)

You can contact us via: academy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    (013)

Peter Spyns and Anja Metzner
(OTMA'12 Organising Chairs)    (014)

Prof. Dr. Anja Metzner    (015)

University of Applied Sciences Augsburg, 
Department of Computer Sciences
Postfach 11 06 05, 86031 Augsburg, Germany    (016)

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