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[socop-forum] Draft agenda for the April, 2012 SOCoP meeting

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From: Gary Berg-Cross <gbergcross@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2012 07:18:50 -0700
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Our next telecon meeting is scheduled for this Wednesday - April 25, 2012 from 11 - noon  East Coast time.

We will be using the  OntologTeleconference # for this session ( which is:

1 (206) 402-0100 (long distance cost will apply) ...

[ backup nbr: (415) 671-4335 ]    and on the prompt you can enter   PIN: 141184#

Among the topics are

  • Updates on and planning for  the UCGIS and USGS workshops in May.
  • Planning for Spring -Fall workshops such as at UCGIS, ISWC (e.g. Terra Cognita), GIScience etc.
  •  Update on the OOR and candidate ontologies for populating it
  • Action items and Follow ups to the Ontology Summit
  •  Update on Educational and course material
  • Update on plans work  improving WebSite            

Comments, corrections and additions can be sent to me at gbergcross@xxxxxxxxx

Gary Berg-Cross, Ph.D.  
SOCoP Executive Secretary
Knowledge Strategies    
Potomac, MD

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