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[socop-forum] Follow up to SOCoP workshop at USGS

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From: Gary Berg-Cross <gbergcross@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2010 11:47:05 -0500
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SOCoP's 3rd annual workshop is now over and most of the presentations
have been placed on the Wiki.  Thank everyone for making it a success
and a special thank you to Lynn and Dalia for hosting us at USGS.    (01)

See:    (02)    (03)

Slides and preliminary notes for the Breakout sessions are also on the
site and the SamePlaceAS demo video will be placed there  as soon as
Todd makes a few improvements.    (04)

Our initial use of WebEx mostly successful and we are looking into
using that or a similar technology to better open up monthly SOCoP
meetings and also for sessions under the NSF INTEROP meetings.  One
issue with WebEx is that there is an App fee beyond the free 2 week
period.  The community may have experience with other Apps that
provide desktop views, chat etc.  If so we would like to hear about
your experience and the pros and cons.    (05)

One comparison of "remote desktop software" is available at:    (06)    (07)

Gary Berg-Cross,Ph.D.
SOCoP Executive Secretary
Knowledge Strategies
Semantic Technology
Potomac, MD
240-426-0770    (08)

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