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Re: [oor-forum] Solicitation for an OOR Logo

To: OpenOntologyRepository-discussion <oor-forum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: John Bateman <bateman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 10:34:00 +0100
Message-id: <4D7F3288.6020609@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Am 15.03.2011 05:07, schrieb kenb:
> If it is a problem, then it could be fixed by altering the appearance so
> that it no longer coincides with the registration symbol.    (01)

I think this is a good idea since at present it might even just
be mistaken as a badly printed 'normal' registration symbol! But
apart from that I like the general feel of it...    (02)

John B.    (03)

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