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[ontology-summit] OntologySummit2007 has been a great success! ... Pleas

To: "Ontology Summit 2007 Forum" <ontology-summit@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: "Peter Yim" <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 22:56:21 -0400
Message-id: <af8f58ac0704241956p19acf24am71492e22cc7d6eab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I am most excited to report that we had a REALLY successful 2-days of
workshops and Symposium.    (01)

Members of the organizing committee would like to express their
heartfelt "thank you" to everyone who contributed to the 3-months'
virtual discourse and the two days of face-to-face meetings. (... My
personal apologies on some of the glitches that remote audience had
experienced during the last 2-days.)    (02)

One of our major deliverables is our Communique, which you can find
at: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?OntologySummit2007_Communique    (03)

We need your endorsement to this Communique. Kindly review the
document and confirm that by e-mail to me (at <peter.yim@xxxxxxxx>,
off-line, if you agree with the content and haven't already done so)
on/before April 30, 2007, so we go into history with your name on the
list of people who are endorsing the "Ontology Summit 2007
Communique".    (04)

Thanks & regards.  =ppy    (05)

P.S. proceedings of the 2-days' face-to-face meetings can be found at:    (06)

o  2007.04.23 Monday am (EDT) - Session-1:
http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?OntologySummit2007_Framework_Session    (07)

o  2007.04.23 Monday pm (EDT) - Session-2:
http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?OntologySummit2007_Population_Session    (08)

o  2007.04.24 Tuesday am (EDT) - Session-3:
http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?OntologySummit2007_Communique_Session    (09)

o  2007.04.24 Tuesday pm (EDT) - Session-4:
("The Summit Meeting" proper)    (010)

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