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Re: [ontology-summit] first draft of the Ontology Summit 2007Communique

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I guess consensus is the only possibility. AFAIC, if we have a first discussion at 8.00, then the wordsmiths could work further to re-present a revision for discussion between 10.40 and 12.00….


I’ve looked through the communiqué and tried to establish whether our concept map still captures the main elements – I think it does, with the exception of the descriptive/prescriptive dimension (which raises the question about the danger of prefiguring intended use).


Another question: Do we want to use the concept map in the communiqué?


In the text, I’m concerned about the mention of example ontologies (implies preference? Illustration by example can be misleading.) and of people (without detracting from the importance of the comments made by the people mentioned) – if this is to be an inclusive effort, on both counts, let’s not pick out anything or anyone for particular mention, unless justified by the need to express something relevant to the framework.




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By when is the final draft going to be decided upon?  I have a number of difficulties with this, as I suspect others will as well.  However, I have very little time to respond in the next day or two.


A second question - how will acceptance of the draft be adjudicated?  Is there a voting procedure?  If so, who gets a vote (and why)?  Without a known procedure, it's hard to decide how much effort to put into formulating a response since it would be impossible to predict what effect even the best of responses would have on the result.




On Apr 23, 2007, at 23:23 , Olivier Bodenreider wrote:

We just posted the first draft of the Communique on the Ontology Summit 

2007 wiki:



The draft will be discussed and refined tomorrow morning.

Please send your feedback to the list.


-- Olivier Bodenreider and Frank Olken



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