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Re: [ontolog-forum] Why is ontolog-forum moving to Google Groups?

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Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2015 11:05:56 -0000
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Dear Paolo,
There are a few inaccuracies in what you say.    (01)

PdM>I am a long time Ontolog member, and I am a great fan of intelligent 
discourse and enlightened exchanges that (sometimes) take place here, at  the 
time I joined the fact that Ontolog was owned and controlled by a single 
individual was the main problem of this community.- to the point that many 
members  stopped posting and being comfortable collaborating on list precisely 
because the situation was intolerable.
[MW>] The community simply would not have existed at all without Peter Yim's 
support. He has been our host, rather than controlling what has happened. There 
have always been committees making key decisions. I agree there have been 
examples of poor behaviour from time to time. I am one of those who has taken a 
role moderating the list, so I am as much to blame as anyone else.    (02)

PdM> I am delighted to see Ontolog moving to google group, for the following 
reasons:    (03)

1. The resource can now be considered an open mailing list, not owned by an 
individual who handles the group and collectively generated resources as hi 
personal property,  but owned by its members. Moderation and admin tasks can be 
rotated now, as in any decent resectable public community    (04)

[MW>] This list is still moderated, but now by the Ontolog Board of Trustees.    (05)

2. google groups, as a technical platform is FREE (no cost incurrs) therefre 
nobody will be able to claim profits and control over the resource because of 
red tape and other below the radar administrative reasons
[MW>] That it is free is one reason, that it is easy to administer is another 
for the BoT choosing it.    (06)

Regards    (07)

Matthew West
Member – Ontolog Board of Trustees
+44 750 338 5279    (08)

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