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Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2015 23:51:19 +0200
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Dear Colleagues,    (01)

RuleML 2015 (http://2015.ruleml.org)  will be held in Berlin, Germany,
August 2-5, co-located with the Conference on Automated Deduction (CADE),
the Workshop on Formal Ontologies meet Industry (FOMI), the Conference on
Web Reasoning and Rule Systems (RR) and the Reasoning Web Summer School
(RW). The International Web Rule Symposium (RuleML) has been a leading
international conference on research, applications, languages and standards
for rule technologies. Since 2002 the RuleML event series has built bridges
between academia and industry in the field of rules and its applications,
especially as part of the semantic technology stack.     (02)

Submit your work on Formal Ontologies meets Industry to the FOMI 2015
workshop and your rule-based business cases, solutions, demos, results, rule
bases to the RuleML 2015 industry track and the 9th International Rule
Challenge and learn more about "Web Logic Rules" at the 11th Reasoning Web
Summer School. Phd students can also discuss their research at the joint
RuleML and RR Doctoral Consortium.     (03)

The open deadlines for your submissions are as follows:    (04)

* 7th Workshop on Formal Ontologies meets Industry
(http://www.csw.inf.fu-berlin.de/fomi2015/) -deadline April 10th
* 9th International Rule Challenge (http://2015.ruleml.org/challenge.html) -
deadline May 23rd
* RuleML Rulebase Competition (http://2015.ruleml.org/challenge.html) -
deadline May 23rd
* Challenge on Recommender Systems for the Web of Data
(http://2015.ruleml.org/recsysrules-2015.html) - deadline May 23rd
* 5th RuleML Doctoral Consortium
(http://2015.ruleml.org/DoctoralConsortium.html) - deadline May 10th
* 11th Reasoning Web Summer School (http://reasoningweb.org/2015) - deadline
May 10th
* RR 2015 Doctoral Consortium
* Industry Track (http://2015.ruleml.org/industrytrack.html) - deadline
April 30th    (05)

++++++++++++ News ++++++++++++++++
- Keynotes and Invited Talks by Michael Genesereth on The Herbrand Manifesto
- Thinking Inside the Box,
  Thom Fruehwirth on Constraint Handling Rules and Avigdor Gal on When
Processes Rule Event Streams 
- Tutorial Day http://2015.ruleml.org/tutorials.html
- Standards Meetings, e.g.  OMG API4KB, ISO Common Logic, OASIS LegalRuleML 
- Berlin Semantic Web Meetup
- Industry Track http://2015.ruleml.org/industrytrack.html
- Co-located with: CADE 2015, RR 2015, Reasoning Web 2015, FOMIS 2015 and
further CADE workshops
- Sponsors and Partners: ECCAI, AAAI, W3C, OMG, OASIS LegalXML, Association
for Logic Programming,
  IEEE Technical Committee on Semantic Computing, IFCoLog, Signavio, Model
Systems, Coherent Knowledge, Binarypark, ShareLatex, Corporate Semantic Web,
Springer LNCS, Athan Services    (06)

We are looking forward to meeting you in Berlin, Germany in August!    (07)

Website: http://2015.ruleml.org/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/RuleML-Group-2190838
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RuleML
Twitter hashtag: #ruleml2015
Blog: http://blog.ruleml.org
Wiki: http://ruleml.org    (08)

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