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That sounds great!  ACE through DRS through a web
service could be very useful.      (01)

When I worked at Hughes' Software Engineering
Division, we had a terrific manager who drove the
R&D department very effectively.  We built
software tools for storing the specifications in a
database, and indexing them to provide
traceability of requirements to design choices.
The idea is to map your business into something
that represents your commonly performed activities
in ways that are traceable directly to the reason
why you chose certain paths.      (02)

Tracking a controlled language could even be
better because more software could represent
specifications that can someday be interpreted or
modified by various devices and programs.      (03)

The problem is, the people who make up
requirements specifications are heavily
experienced experts in their particular type of
discipline or component design, and they use their
own terminology, so the spec paragraphs are
written by multiple authors.      (04)

I faced the same issue with my patent corpus
analyzer.  There, the specifications include claim
language that is partly matched to legally
specified words in claims, such as "comprises" and
other jargon-specific words used in that trade.  I
suppose you could edit out all the errors in
patent claim syntax, but that would take a lot of
human time to do.  It's better if there are NO
restrictions on using publicly stored procedures,
no special words, and so on.  I very much like the
way he treats it as a joining of DRS and ACE
though; that is a good component to know about.    (05)

-Rich    (06)

Rich Cooper
Rich AT EnglishLogicKernel DOT com
9 4 9 \ 5 2 5 - 5 7 1 2
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Following is an article about using ACE for
organizing and
managing readable specifications that can be
translated to first-order logic:    (08)

/publications/specifications_in_the_large.pdf    (09)

Excerpts below.    (010)

_____________    (011)

One advantage of ACE as a specification language
is that it is not
required that its users learn a formal notation
for communication
and get fluent in it before they can actually
start using it.
Software practitioners can write specifications in
a familiar
format, their only major concern being the
linguistic limitations
of ACE's adopted subset of English...    (012)

We are currently developing an environment for
writing specifications
in ACE.  To tackle issues inherent in large bodies
of textual
information aimed at humans, we employ automatic
and manual means
with which ACE specifications can be organised and
presented for
management and reuse. Our environment, called
OACES (Organised
Attempto Controlled English Specifications) can be
seen as
a tool to prepare and manage a library of
specifications in ACE...    (013)

Currently, our OACES tool can only be run locally,
that is, the source
Prolog code must be provided for each of its
users. We have however
started to develop an interface so as to allow
remote users to
experiment with OACES via the World-Wide-Web.    (014)

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