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I hope that this is interesting.
Has anyone used this?    (01)

Ron    (02)

-------- Original Message --------    (03)

After several months of development, the Apache Marmotta team is
pleased to announce the release of Apache Marmotta 3.2:    (04)

     http://marmotta.apache.org    (05)

Apache Marmotta is an Open Platform for Linked Data, that can be used,
extended and deployed easily by organizations who want to publish
Linked Data or build custom applications based on on Linked Data.    (06)

The main features of Apache Marmotta are:
  * Read-Write Linked Data
  * Linked Data Platform (LDP 1.0 draft) compatible API
  * SPARQL 1.1 and LDPath query languages
  * Pluggable Sesame-based backends
  * KiWi, a Sesame RDF triple store with transactions, versioning and
    rule-base reasoning
  * Transparent Linked Data Caching
  * Integrated basic security mechanisms
  * Assortment of OpenRDF/Sesame tools    (07)

This release brings many improvements, among new features. The full
changelog is available at:    (08)

     http://s.apache.org/marmotta-3.2.1-changelog    (09)

We invite you to join the development community! Linked Data
enthusiasts, RDF wrangler, UI artists and documentation literates (and
of course code geeks) are always welcome in the team! Further details at:    (010)

    http://marmotta.apache.org/development.html    (011)

on behalf of the Marmotta development community,
and with thanks to all the contributors.    (012)

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