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Dick,    (01)

In mathematics (and mathematical logic), symbols have exactly the
same meaning at each occurrence, and there are systematic rules
for relating the symbols to one another.  The following examples
show that the symbols have no fixed meaning, and there are no rules
for doing anything whatsoever with them.    (02)

> Rand:
> Consciousness :: I am conscious.
> and then she goes on for many pages explaining how
> there is a subject and object of conscious awareness,
> and how perceptions are automatic.    (03)

For the first line, "consciousness" and "I am conscious"
are two very different, but related expressions.  What does
the symbol '::' mean?  How does it relate the two sides?    (04)

> Rand:
> Existence :: Existence exists.
> Rand says this is the only way to describe this axiomatic concept
> in a proposition.  She spends many pages describing
> various aspects of existents.    (05)

The two sides of '::' in this example are related in a totally
different way from the two sides above.  Either Rand is being
very sloppy with her notation, or you didn't quote her exactly.    (06)

> mKR:
> Existence :: entity, characteristic, proposition isa existent;    (07)

This is yet a third way of using the symbol '::'.  Either Rand
is being sloppy, you are being sloppy, or neither of you has
a clue about how to reason precisely.    (08)

> I summarize the many pages where
> she talks about the identities of entities (and existents) with
> Identity :: existent has characteristic;    (09)

This is a fourth way of using the symbol '::'.    (010)

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