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[ontolog-forum] Strange problem with cardinality restrictions

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From: Przemyslaw Jaskierski <przemjaskier@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2013 01:04:38 +0200
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I'm still learning things. So far, so good - I've created a working POC in Protege and started to like how all this work.

Sadly I've hit a problem that I can't understand.

Here is a rough simplification of a part of my ontology:


1. PositiveVote, NegativeVote - both subclasses of Vote

2. PositiveVoteResult, NegativeVoteResult - both subclasses of VoteResult

VoteResult has object property "hasVote" which connects it to 0..many of Vote individuals(!!!)

What I want to accomplish is to make reasoner to set type (PositiveVoteResult, NegativeVoteResult) for an individual - according to types of all connected through hasVote individuals of class Vote

So, the individual's type should be:

1.  type PositiveVoteResult if all its connected through hasVote are of type PositiveVote

2. type NegativeVoteResult if there is at least one NegativeVote connected through hasVote

So I added these cardinality restrictions to the "equivalent classes":

1. In NegativeVoteResult: 

hasVote min 1 NegativeVote

this works flawlessly - after running reasoner individual's type is set to NegativeVoteResult if there is at least one NegativeVote

2. PositiveVoteResult - I cannot make this work...

I've tried

- hasVote max 0 NegativeVote
- disjunction
- other things in desperation mode...

All my tries leads at best to classify individual as Vote (the superclass) if there is no NegativeVote properties...

How can I make it to have PositiveVoteResult set properly?

Best regards,

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