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*Apologies for cross-posting*


Registration for DC-2013 --Linking to the Future-- is now open.  The conference will take place 2-6 September 2013 in Lisbon, Portugal.  The conference website: http://purl.org/dcevents/dc-2013.

The DC-2013 conference theme explores questions regarding the persistence, maintenance, and preservation of metadata and descriptive vocabularies. The need for stable representations and descriptions spans all sectors including cultural heritage and scientific data, eGovernment, finance and commerce. In addition to the theme, presentations and discussion will cover a broad range of topics on innovation in metadata design and practice.

DC-2013 will be collocated with iPRES-2013.  Both conferences will take place in the same venue and run in parallel. During the collocated events, delegates are welcome to choose sessions that best fit their interests from either conference. Keynotes are held in common plenaries; and, social events are shared, providing a excellent opportunity for DCMI and iPRES delegates to socialize, share common interests and network. Delegates of the two conferences may separately register for a mix of pre- and post-conference events organized by the conference committees of both iPRES and DCMI. 

DC-2013 speakers and tutorial leads include: Gildas Illien, Ivan Herman, Richard Wallis, Steven Miller, Kai Eckert, and Daniel Garijo, among many others.  Full-day workshops include: (1) VocDay 2013: Managing Vocabularies, sponsored by the DC-Vocabulary Management Community and DC-Bibliographic Metadata Task Group; and (2) CAMP-4-Data: Cyber-infrastructure and Metadata Protocols, sponsored by DC-Science & Metadata Community (DC-SAM) & the Research Data Alliance (RDA).

To learn more about the conference program and to register, go to the conference website http://purl.org/dcevents/dc-2013.  DC-2013 and iPRES-2013 share a common registration.

Early registration closes on 8 July:
€350 early regular, early student €250 (to 8 July)
€375 regular & student (after 8 July)
--Separate rates apply for pre-/post-conference sessions on Monday and Friday
--Day rates are available

Registration questions? Contact for DC/iPRES 2013:  ipres2013@xxxxxxxxxx

We look forward to seeing you in Lisbon in September.

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