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Date: Sat, 08 Jun 2013 10:00:21 -0400
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In this thread, there is a position being defended that it is useful to 
consider a concept that includes both physical and social laws. One of 
the arguments supporting this position is that there is a continuum of 
laws between the physical and the social. This argument would be more 
convincing if the missing link were produced: can we give an example of 
a law whose consequences are produced by both physical and social means?    (01)

One example I can think of is certain cases of the parenting technique 
of "logical consequences", such as a child having to clean up a mess 
s/he makes, or repair something that was damaged.    (02)

Such consequences also occur in commerce - if a contractor builds a road 
that is substandard, they may be required to repair it at their own 
cost. That cost is not set by a court, but is determined by the physical 
situation - the nature and extent of the road defects relative to the 
specifications.    (03)

In these cases, the natural, physical consequences are inflicted upon 
secondary parties, so the social system (parents or legal system) 
intervenes to minimize the secondary impact and transfer it back to the 
primary actor.    (04)

Certain fields, for example ecological economics, study similar problems 
at a macroeconomic level.    (05)

Tara    (06)

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