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Yes, both Semantics and Metaphysics inform ontology and ontological engineering, and so Computational Semantics and Computational Metaphysics could too, once their purview is defined (often “computational semantics” is used in computational linguistics as the focus on computatational natural language semantics). Really ontology (and ontological engineering) should be represented in logic, with the links and containers being secondary artifacts that themselves should be rooted in logic.





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Is there anything in Computational Semantics or Computational Metaphysics that informs ontology?

Certainly, if the discussion remains within the purview of ontology as links and containers, there is little to be said. However, the "semantics" associated with "computational" and "metaphysics" indicates that it, at the least, deserves an examination.

The primary work appears to be part of object modeling. My interest arose as part of the examination of translation, in the sense of promotion by type or property. I stumbled upon this work by Zalta, who has published a number of papers:

  Principia Metaphysica (Draft)[136 pgs]

    Edward N. Zalta

    Center for the Study of Language and Information

    Stanford University


There is also:
        Steps Toward a Computational Metaphysics [12 pgs]

-John Bottoms
 FirstStar Systems
 Concord, MA USA

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