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Date: Wed, 08 May 2013 09:53:15 -0400
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Mainstream IT will *never* adopt ontology-based systems until the
supporting tools are integrated with the tools they currently use.    (01)

Microsoft captured and maintained their monopoly by providing a
simpler migration path than their competitors.  But with Windows 8,
they made the blunder of forcing users to adopt a new interface.    (02)

They hoped that the new interface would be better for tablet
computers, but they lost their base:    (03)

> "Our customers are saying they're nervous about Windows 8 because of the
> training requirement that's going to go with it, to make that leap from
> that typical interface that they're used to with the Start button," said
> Phil Fortmeyer, partner at Clear North Technologies, a Plymouth, Minn.-based
> solution provider. "We've certainly seen a slump in PC sales. And I'd say
> it's been a small percentage going with Windows 8. The majority still want
> to do Windows 7."    (04)

IBM learned the importance of having a smooth upgrade.  When they moved
from the IBM 7094 and 1401, they lost a lot of customers.  They managed
to hold their monopoly only by providing emulators for the old hardware.    (05)

Most customers *never* migrated their legacy systems to the IBM/360.
Instead, they continued to run them for years on the emulators, while
designing all 360-based software to interoperate with the emulators.    (06)

The lack of interoperability with legacy software is the primary reason
why mainstream IT does not adopt tools for ontology or the Semantic Web.    (07)

No amount of preaching or cajoling will get anybody to switch to a new
system unless the migration path is as smooth and painless as possible.    (08)

John    (09)

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