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Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2012 13:36:59 -0500
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Clearly an important topic. I would like to openly discuss what I see as frustrating disconnects across:

1. Entity Relationship Model as the vehicle for unified views over disparate data -- by exploiting Entity Relationship Semantics
2. Big Data -- the latest and greatest moniker/meme hybrid associated with challenge of exponentially growing data volume, velocity, and variety
3. Linked Data -- topic of a meme by TimBL that describes a principled approach to Webby structured data construction and publication to the Web (i.e., how to make Webby data objects)
4. RDF -- enhancement to Entity Relationship Model enhanced with explicit machine comprehensible Entity Relationship Semantics
5. Linked Open Data Cloud -- massive collection of Webby data objects (resources) constructed and published in line with TimBL's Linked Data meme
6. The Semantic Web Project/Vision -- the Web as a Big Data cloud comprised of RDF based Webby data objects .

Discussion question: do the points outlined above effectively connect the dots between today's Big Data meme and the Semantic Web Project's vision, effectively? I assume others on this list find these items artificially disconnected?


1. http://slidesha.re/SbfHQG -- Integrating Semantic Systems (John Sowa)
2. http://bit.ly/YTdz3N -- Entity Relationship Model: Unified View of Data (Peter Chen).



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