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From: Martin Hepp <martin.hepp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2012 00:07:38 +0100
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FYI. Thought this might be interesting for people on the ontolog list, too.
Martin    (01)

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> From: Martin Hepp <martin.hepp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: November 8, 2012 11:11:57 PM GMT+01:00
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> Subject: Breaking news: GoodRelations now fully integrated with schema.org!
> Dear all:
> Effective immediately, the full GoodRelations vocabulary for e-commerce 
>(http://purl.org/goodrelations/) is now directly available from schema.org, 
>the official library of data schemas maintained and promoted by the four 
>biggest Web search engines, i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex.
> Official schema.org blogpost:
>   http://blog.schema.org/2012/11/good-relations-and-schemaorg.html
> Example type:
>   http://schema.org/ProductModel
> Technical background information:
>   http://wiki.goodrelations-vocabulary.org/Cookbook/Schema.org
> In the next days, we will complete the integration on the GoodRelations side, 
>including full mapping axioms so that consumers of crawled data will be able 
>to use the official identifiers of GoodRelations elements in SPARQL queries.
> I am happy to share with you these great news. It was a a lot of hard work - 
>a great thanks goes to everybody involved, namely Dan Brickley and Ramanathan 
>V. Guha from Google, and all the other supporters of GoodRelations, listed at 
> Best wishes
> Martin Hepp
>     (03)

martin hepp
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Check out GoodRelations for E-Commerce on the Web of Linked Data!
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