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** Posting here because Linked Data publication ultimately affects Ontology publication on the Web **

One of the fundamental misconceptions about Linked Data is the assumption that Web-scale publication is a complex process, utterly beyond the capabilities of end-users that are already capable of creating, editing, and saving a document to a local or network drive.

I've written a detailed post [1] showcasing how anyone can publish Linked Data via a Turtle document using Web resource storage and sharing services provided by the likes of: DropBox, Amazon S3, Box.net, Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Drive, and our own ODS-Briefcase (aka. ODrive).

This guide shows how the following items simply never need to show up at the front door of Linked Data deployment narratives targeting decision makers, end-users, and systems integrators (plumbers who mesh or mash components together):

1. content negotiation
2. httpRange-14 and 303 redirection
3. web server administration.

In a nutshell, Linked Data publishing is much easier than HTML publishing while also delivering superior benefits re., ability to find relevant data, information, and knowledge, with ever increasing precision and serendipity.


1. http://bit.ly/LNIeLj  -- Simple Linked Data Deployment via Turtle Docs & Storage Services



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