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[ontolog-forum] First Impact Factor for Applied Ontology: 1.105

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Date: 19 luglio 2012 18:10:21 CEST
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Subject: First Impact Factor Applied Ontology: 1.105

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are happy to announce that the journal Applied Ontology received its first Impact Factor from Thomson Reuters' Journal Citation Reports this year: 1.105. This is very encouraging for us, especially compared to Impact Factors of well-established journals in areas close to Applied Ontology (see below).

The reason you receive this message is because you have contributed to Applied Ontology in some way or form in the past and we would like to express our appreciation for your support. We aim at a constant increase of quality and impact of scientific contributions in this emerging interdisciplinary area.

For comparison some Impact Factors of other (more or less related) journals:

  • ACM Transactions on Information Systems: 1.077
  • Applied Intelligence: 0.849
  • Artificial Intelligence: 2.252
  • Computational linguistics: 0.721
  • Data and Knowledge Engineering: 1.422
  • IEEE Intelligent Systems: 2.154
  • IEEE Transactions Knowledge and Data Engineering: 1.657
  • Information Systems: 1.198
  • Int. Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems: 2.308
  • Journal of ACM: 2.353
  • Journal of Web Semantics: 1.302
  • Knowledge Engineering Review: 0.545
  • Knowledge and Information Systems: 2.225
  • Synthese: 0.649

Open Access

Another new development is that Applied Ontology authors now have the opportunity to have their article published with Open Access. The newly started initiative Open Library® offers authors and their funders the option to publish their articles with full (or ‘gold’) Open Access. Apart from being available with Open Access, Open Library® articles are not treated any differently than other articles, in that they are peer-reviewed and form an integral part of the journal. The article processing charge for Open Library® articles is €900 / US$1250.

Recently Published

Special Issue on Modularity in Ontologies, guest-edited by Oliver Kutz and Joana Hois

* Oliver Kutz and Joana Hois - Guest Editorial (DOI 10.3233/AO-2012-0109)
* Alan Rector, Sebastian Brandt, Nick Drummond, Matthew Horridge, Colin Pulestin and Robert Stevens - Engineering use cases for modular development of ontologies in OWL (DOI 10.3233/AO-2012-0107)
* Sebastian Wandelt and Ralf Möller - Towards ABox Modularization of semi-expressive Description Logics (DOI 10.3233/AO-2012-0105)
* Michael Grüninger, Torsten Hahmann, Ali Hashemi, Darren Ong and Atalay Ozgovde - Modular first-order ontologies via repositories (DOI 10.3233/AO-2012-0106)
* Fabian Neuhaus and Pat Haye - Common Logic and the Horatio problem (DOI 10.3233/AO-2012-0108)

Set up your eTOC alerts to receive a message whenever a new issue is published. Go to MetaPress and click on 'alerts' in the menu on the left hand side. You'll need an account in order to set this up.

Submit Your Paper

If you would like to contribute to the journal by submitting a paper you can do so here. For detailed authors instructions and the LaTeX template download, please go to the Applied Ontology website.

Best regards,

Nicola Guarino, Mark Musen, Roberta Ferrario and IOS Press staff members

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