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Dear colleague of Ontolog Forum:
I would appreciate considering the call for chapters below added in this
email. Thanks also for your academic consideration for submitting a chapter.
Thanks. Sincerely,
Dr. Manuel Mora    (01)

Book Title: "Engineering and Management of IT-based Service Systems: an
Intelligent Decision-making Support Systems Approach":
Book series: "Intelligent Systems Reference Library"
Springer-Verlag, London Ltd
Book purposes: (i) generate a compendium of quality theoretical and
applied contributions in Intelligent Decision-Making Support Systems
(i-DMSS) for engineering and management IT-based service systems (ITSS);
(ii)  diffuse scarce knowledge about foundations, architectures and
effective and efficient methods and strategies for successfully planning,
designing, building, operating, and evaluating i-DMSS for ITSS, and (iii)
create an awareness of, and a bridge between ITSS and i-DMSS academicians
and practitioners in the current complex and dynamic engineering and
management ITSS organizational.
Planned book content:    (02)

Section I.  Foundations on IT-based Service Systems.  Topics: fundamental
concepts, models/architectures, frameworks/schemes or theories for
planning, designing, building, operating or evaluating IT-based service
systems using i-DMSS.    (03)

Section II. Cases on Engineering and Management of IT-based Service
Systems supported by i-DMSS.  Topics: cases of innovative real or
potential (proof of concept) i-DMSS applications for supporting the
planning, designing, building, operating or evaluating of IT-based service
systems in the main service domains such as: financial, legal, healthcare,
logistics, educational, and military. AI-based technologies as such: logic
rule-based systems, ontology-based systems, machine learning techniques,
multi-agent systems techniques, neural networks systems, fuzzy logic
systems, cased-based reasoning systems, genetic algorithms techniques,
data mining algorithms, intelligent agents, user intelligent interfaces,
and business analytics among others are welcome.    (04)

Section III. Trends and Challenges on Engineering and Management of
IT-based Service Systems supported by i-DMSS. Topics: emergent AI-based
technologies, integrations of these technologies, and the implications,
challenges and trends for supporting the individual, team, organizational
or inter-organizational decision-making processes applied to IT-based
service systems, from a technical and organizational perspective.
Book editorial schedule and dealines    (05)

September 31, 2012  submission deadline of first version of full chapters.    (06)

November 15, 2013  notification deadline of editorial results
(definitively accepted chapter, conditioned chapter, or definitively
rejected chapter).    (07)

February 28,  2013  submission deadline of second improved version of
conditioned chapters.    (08)

March 31, 2013  notification deadline of definitive editorial decision on
conditioned chapters.    (09)

April 15, 2013  submission deadline of camera-ready versions of accepted
chapters.    (010)

November to December 2013  estimated publishing period.
Book submission process: Interested authors, please send your 3-page
chapter proposal before or on June 30, 2012, or full chapter before or on
September 31, 2012 to Dr. Manuel Mora at <mmora@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> with copy
to <dr.manuel.mora.uaa@xxxxxxxxx>. All proposals or full chapters will be
reviewed by at least three peers in a blind mode.
==========================================================================    (011)

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