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Re: [ontolog-forum] Representing models in ontologies.

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Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2012 20:00:09 +0100
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Dear Juan,    (01)

Regarding "Ferrari 458 Italia" as a specialization of sports car 
seems reasonable to me.    (02)

However the important information is that this class is a "model" as 
defined by the marketing department. Probably the manufacturing 
department has a different taxonomy, where instances of many 
different classes can be sold as "Ferrari 458 Italia" because they 
look similar on the outside. So perhaps we have in Turtle:    (03)

:myCar          a                       ferrari:458Italia .    (04)

ferrari:458Italia               rdfs:subClassOf         :sportsCar ;
:ClassOfArtifactDefinedByTheMarketingDepartment .    (05)

Best regards,
David    (06)

At 19:23 10/07/2012, Juan de Nadie wrote:
>Recently I have encoountered a problem in my ontology engineering 
>project. Sometimes we must represent the notion of models in the 
>ontology. Let us consider the domains of cars, robots and aircrafts, 
>for example.
>In the car domain, we have the concept of car as a root node in a 
>taxonomy of types of cars. Let us suppose that the cars can be 
>"family cars" or "sport cars". What is the suitable way to model 
>different models of "family cars" and "sport cars"? Let us consider 
>the "Ferrari 458 Italia". I consider this model as a concept that 
>specializes the "sport car" concept in my ontology? Or is more 
>suitable consider an attribute of the concept "car" called "model"?
>There is some ontology design pattern to model these cases?
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