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Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012 14:50:43 +0300
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Lainaus "John F Sowa" <sowa@xxxxxxxxxxx>:    (01)

> For a more detailed argument for the existence of abstract entities,
> see the following article by Peter van Inwagen:
>     http://andrewmbailey.com/pvi/Theory_of_Properties.pdf
>     A theory of properties    (02)

The central messages in the article are that (1) the existence of  
properties does not require platonism/transcendentalism: this-worldly  
properties are completely enough; (2) we still need to talk about  
uninstantiated properties and properties for which it is not known if  
they will ever be instantiated: the uninstantiated properties are only  
abstract linguistic entities. D.M. Armstrong uses the term 'universal'  
for properties which have been, are, or will be instantiated. This is  
a good convention that separates uninstantiated properties from the  
instantiated ones.    (03)

Avril    (04)

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