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Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2012 17:18:39 -0400
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>> Apply HTTP scheme URIs to #1 [Unique Identity] and #4 [Access
>> Address] and you enter the RDF model realm.    (01)

Not really.  RDF operates without Unique Identity (in that different
people can use the same URI with different meanings).  And RDF does
not require a URI to be a URL, thus it does not require an Access Address.    (02)

An Access Address give you hyperdata.  One can certainly use Unique
Identity (however defined) and Access Addresses in systems that are not
restricted to representation by triples (e.g., RDF).    (03)

Or did i misinterpret the above statement?    (04)

[The context for the above statement appears below]    (05)

-- doug foxvog    (06)

On Sun, April 15, 2012 16:46, Len Yabloko wrote:
> On 4/8/12 1:41 PM, David Eddy wrote:
>>> On Apr 8, 2012, at 12:30 PM, Kingsley Idehen wrote:    (07)

>>>>> I am assuming:    (08)

>>>>> (1) you (the linker) do not know
>>>>> (2) you do not have access to the person who does know
>>>>> (3) the person who does know is likely only partially correct.    (09)

> These assumptions do not even need to be made explicit since there are
> arguably already implicit in any discussion about data. Besides, (3) is
> all you need. It had been said and repeated many times that "all models
> are wrong, but some are useful". It had been also said way before that
> "meaning is use".    (010)

>>>>> SemWeb is looking for a presentation Tuesday.  Can you show how
>>>>> Linked Data resolves this "semantic connectivity" issue?
> ...
>>> Making the actual---physical---connection is of course crucial.
>>>  Having the pipe between point A (point of origin) & point B
>>> (destination) is fundamental to the data connectivity challenge.
>>> So the SEMANTIC CONNECTIVITY challenge becomes...   How
>>> do I know what I'm putting into the pipe at Point A when I want to tap
>>> a legacy source?  See the above 3 questions.    (011)

>>You virtualize the heterogeneous data sources such that all the records
>>in said data sources become data objects. Then you leverage the EAV
>>model such that each data object is endowed with the following:    (012)

> What exactly is "virtualize"?. ...    (013)

>>1. Unique Identity    (014)

> What do you mean by Unique Identity? Are you suggesting that any of
> existing technologies can guaranty that different references are not
> pointing to same entity, or that one reference points to only one
entity. ...    (015)

>>2. Structured Representation -- an EAV graph pictorial
> What part is provided by Linked Data - graph of pictorial? The graph is
> simply a data model deemed useful by publisher of data.... As for
> pictorial, it can be rendered from any structured data liked or not.    (016)

>>3. A Variety of Representation Syntaxes    (017)

> There no value added here beyond well-developed ETL technologies    (018)

>>4. Access Address    (019)

> Access to what? That is the question. ...    (020)

>>5. Negotiable Data Serialization Formats -- i.e., in response to an HTTP
>>GET.    (021)

> That is the part of HTTP, not part of any derived technology.    (022)

>> Apply HTTP scheme URIs to #1 and #4 and you enter the RDF
>> model realm....    (023)

>>Kingsley    (024)

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>>> David Eddy
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