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Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2012 06:05:17 -0500
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The following note was sent to another forum, but it may be
of more general interest.    (01)

John    (02)

-------- Original Message --------
> Conceptual Graphs are a way of visualizing CL sentences,
> but to be honest, I'm not sure whether there is anything
> gained by visualization.    (03)

The *design goal* for the CG display form was to show the
detailed semantics of NL sentences.  If that is not your
primary need, there are probably better visualization tools.    (04)

> We will be using RDF-based tools to visualize COLORE
> and the relationships among theories within the repository.    (05)

RDF is an even lower-level notation.  But I assume that the RDF
tools would be designed to show something at a higher level.    (06)

As a high-level tool for showing relationships among ontologies,
I would recommend FCA (Formal Concept Analysis).  See the FCA
home page:    (07)

     http://www.upriss.org.uk/fca/fca.htm    (08)

FCA generates lattices automatically, and the toolset can map
them to very nice diagrams.  See the three on-line demos cited
on line 3 of that web page.    (09)

FCA can efficiently generate lattices with over 100K nodes.
A visualization of the entire lattice would not be readable,
but the FCA tools can also generate *local* lattices in the
neighborhood of any node.    (010)

For examples, click on the demos that show the neighborhood
around any English word in the lattices generated from WordNet
and Roget's thesaurus.  Just type any word to see its lattice.    (011)

The attached diagram shows the FCA lattice generated from
Roget's Thesaurus in the neighborhood of the word 'happy'.    (012)

John    (013)

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