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*** CALL FOR PAPERS ***    (01)

4th International Workshop on Ontology Driven IS Engineering (ODISE)    (02)

URL: http://people.brunel.ac.uk/~cssrssc/events/odise2012/    (03)

co-located with Formal Ontology in Information Systems (FOIS) 2012
Graz, Austria - 24-27 July 2012    (04)

*** Theme ***    (05)

Ontologies are becoming increasingly popular in the development of
information systems. Their use however is mainly limited to either the
initial or end phases of the lifecycle, namely business modelling and
implementation, and their adoption is normally not characterised by an
integrated and coherent end to end approach which systematically discovers
the real-world semantics of business requirements, represents such semantics
in formal ontologies and subsequently grounds the software design and
implementation ontologically. What is also lacking is a sound approach to
ontological reuse such that existing ontological patterns be used to drive
the discovery of system requirements with the potential to more easily
identifying previously developed software components which can be
semantically mapped to those ontological patterns.    (06)

Ontology-Driven Information Systems Engineering (ODISE, pronounced odyssey)
concerns the practical and formal application of ontologies to all phases of
the software development lifecycle. Contributions in the form of research,
research-in-progress papers and practitioner reports are welcome. Of
particular interest to the workshop are contributions that emphasise formal
ontologies and real world semantics in improving IS engineering and
contributing toward developing software that is more adaptive and responsive
to changing business requirements.    (07)

This workshop is aimed at discussing the above themes and to bring together
academics, researchers and practitioners (with a background in IS
engineering and/or ontology development) in order to develop an agenda of
future collaborations that combine research and industrial expertise.    (08)

Topics for contributions include, but are not limited to:    (09)

- Ontology as a means to inform the process of gathering requirements.
- Ontology as a means to inform architecture development directly from
requirements specifications.
- Ontology as a means to inform the software design directly from the
architecture specification.
- Ontology as a means to model the software development process and the
software product itself.
- Ontologies as run-time artefacts or to inform the design of run-time
- The role of ontology reasoning in the software engineering process.
- The role of ontologies in model-driven development.
- Philosophical ontologies (3D vs. 4D) and their role in IS development
- Comparison of different ODISE mechanisms  (e.g. domain-specific modelling,
profiling, etc.).
- Comparison of the role of foundational ontologies vs. domain ontologies in
- Ontology driven development of service software.
- Methodological issues for ODISE.
- Problems of semantic mismatch between traditional IS modelling paradigms,
approaches, techniques, etc. and ontological modelling.
- Ontology-based development/modelling/programming languages.    (010)

*** Important Dates and Submission ***    (011)

Authors are invited to submit papers via EasyChair. Please check the
workshop Web site for further instructions. Deadlines are as follows:    (012)

30 April 2012: Submission deadline for ODISE paper
31 May 2012: Notification of acceptance
21 June 2012: Revisions due
24 July 2012: Workshop    (013)

*** Organisers ***    (014)

Sergio de Cesare (Brunel University, U.K.)
Frederik Gailly (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium)
Grant Holland (Organic Complex Systems Institute, U.S.A.)
Mark Lycett (Brunel University, U.K.)
Chris Partridge (BORO Solutions and Brunel University, U.K.)    (015)

*** Programme Committee ***    (016)

Mutaz al-Debei (University of Jordan, Jordan)
Mohammad AL  Asswad (Amjad Rass Inc, U.S.A.)
Laden Aldin (Oxford Brookes University, U.K.)
Matthias Allgaier (SAP, Germany)
Awny Alnusair (Indiana University Kokomo, U.S.A.)
David Bell (Brunel University, U.K.)
Mike Bennett (Hypercube, U.K.)
John Breslin (DERI, NUI Galway, Ireland)
Bernd Bruegge (Technische Universität München, Germany)
Matt-Mouley Bouamrane (University of Glasgow, U.K.)
Andrea Cali (Birkbeck College, University of London, U.K.)
Steve Counsell (Brunel University, U.K.)
Marija Cubric (University of Hertfordshire, U.K.)
Sergio Espańa (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain)
Dragan Gasevic (Athabasca University, Canada)
Guido Geerts (University of Delaware, U.S.A.)
Nicola Guarino (CNR, Italy)
Giancarlo Guizzardi (Federal University of Espírito Santo, Brazil)
Brian Henderson-Sellers (University of Technology Sydney, Australia)
Geert Poels (Ghent University, Belgium)
Bahareh Rahmanzadeh Heravi (DERI, NUI Galway, Ireland)
Pavel Hruby (Microsoft, Denmark)
Thomas Moser (Vienna University of Technology, Austria)
Fernando Silva Parreiras (FUMEC University, Brazil)
Oscar Pastor (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain)
Károly Tilly (Invarion, Hungary)
Karsten Tolle (Frankfurt University, Germany)
Matthew West (Information Junction, U.K.)    (017)

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