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Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2012 00:14:45 +0000
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FYI. Plug-in for Protégé from SRI. Looks very useful.


We are proud to announce the first release of

===========  SWRL-IQ  =============================
Semantic Web Rule Language Inference and Query tool

SWRL-IQ is a plugin for Protege 3.x that allows users to edit, save, and
submit queries to an underlying inference engine based on XSB Prolog.
The tool features:

- Goal-oriented backward-chaining Prolog-style reasoning (as
 opposed to the forward-chaining paradigm used by most other SWRL
 rule engines).
- Constraint-solving based on CLP(R) (Constraint Logic Programming
 with Reals). This allows for more declarative and powerful rules and
- Saving queries.
- Exporting query results to XML or CSV format.
- Tracing and debugging inference results.
- Exporting query results in different formats.
- No dependency on proprietary or closed-source components. Uses
 XSB Prolog, which is freely available under the LGPL license.

SWRL-IQ also has powerful SWRL extensions and a Java procedural
attachment mechanism. The manual, available at the URL above,
contains more information.

We have a public mailing list for discussion, questions, bug reports, and
feature requests at swrl-iq-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. To subscribe, send an
email to swrl-iq-users-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with the word "subscribe"
as subject.

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