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CALL FOR PAPERS: Intelligent Web Services meet Social Computing (IWEBSS)
AAAI Spring Symposium 2012, March 26-28, Stanford, California
http://vitvar.com/events/aaai-ss12    (01)

October 7, 2011: Submission of Abstracts
November 9, 2011: Notification of acceptance/rejection
January 10, 2012: Submission of papers    (02)

Development of web services faces significant challenges concerning
quality of design, development costs, endorsement of services by the
community, integration and interoperability of services from different
domains and effective sharing of services among users and developers.
This spring symposium will bring together two lines of research whose
combination can help in dealing with these issues, namely intelligent
web services and social computing research. Social Computing is a
promising approach that can help to understand user and community
behaviour and related computational challenges around Web services
development.    (03)

The topics of the symposium include the following:
-  Social and technical requirements for collaborative web service
-  Platforms and user interfaces for crowdsourcing web service
development, and verification
-  Techniques for contextualized reviewing and rating of web services
-  Methods to incentivize, boost, and influence community participation
throughout the lifecycle of web services
-  Methods to define and mashup service descriptions with Linked Data
-  Systems and techniques for context- and social-based recommendation
of web services
-  Methods for collaborative authoring of semantic annotations (for
example RDFa, SAWSDL)
- Argumentation frameworks and norms for reaching consensus on service
implementation, description, and integration
-  Trust in collaborative web service construction
-  Mining, monitoring and analysis of behaviour and activities of web
service online communities (such as ProgrammableWeb, and Seekda)
-  Analysis of web service usage patterns and associated social and
technical parameters
-  Extraction of web service descriptions from tags
-  Case studies for use of social computing to construct and manage web
services    (04)

*Submissions*    (05)

Abstracts of no more than 400 words must be submitted in PDF to
EasyChair (http://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=aaaisymposia2012)
by October 7, 2012. Authors of accepted abstracts will need to submit
either a short (3 page) or long (6 page) paper versions by January 10, 2012.    (06)

*Format*    (07)

The symposium will include presentations of short and long papers,
research proposals, demonstrations, invited speakers, panel and open
discussions. Researchers working in areas of semantic web, web services,
linked data, intelligent agents, social networks, social computing or
web science will be encouraged to participate in the symposium.    (08)

*Chairs*    (09)

Tomas Vitvar (Czech Technical University), Harith Alani (Knowledge Media
Institute, Open University, UK), David Martin (Apple)    (010)

*Organizing Committee*    (011)

-  Colin Atkinson, University of Mannheim, Germany
-  Ching Man (Albert) Au Yeung, NTT Communication Science Laboratories,
Kyoto, Japan
-  Walter Binder, University of Lugano, Switzerland
-  Ciro Cattuto, ISI, Italy
-  John Domingue, KMi, Open University, UK
-  Fausto Giunchiglia, University of Trento, Italy
-  Michael Hausenblas, DERI, National University of Ireland
-  Conor Hayes, DERI, National University of Ireland
-  Tom Heath, Talis Information Ltd, UK
-  Mike Huhns, University of South Carolina, USA
-  Mathias Klusch, Germany Research Center for Artificial Intelligence,
-  Jacek Kopecký, KMi, Open University, UK
-  John Musser, ProgrammableWeb.com
-  Terry Pane, Liverpool University, UK
-  Massimo Paolucci, NTT DoCoMo Research Europe, Germany
-  Alexandre Passant, DERI, National University of Ireland
-  Cesare Pautasso, University of Lugano, Switzerland.
-  Marta Sabou, Modul University, Austria
-  Steffen Staab, University of Koblenz, Germany
-  Steve Vinoski, Basho Technologies, USA
-  Erik Wilde, UC Berkley, USA
-  Steve Willmott, 3Scale Networks, Spain
-  Maciej Zaremba, DERI, National University of Ireland    (012)

*Further Information*    (013)

-  AAAI Website: http://www.aaai.org/Symposia/Spring/sss12symposia.php
-  Symposium Website: http://vitvar.com/events/aaai-ss12
==    (014)

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