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Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2011 10:33:31 -0400
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Jim,    (01)

I wish you good fortune, but I think you need a very careful constraint 
on the scope and purpose of the 'person ontology' to have any hope of 
success.     (02)

About 10 years ago, there was active standardization of many 
domain-specific models in the Object Management Group -- financial 
objects,  workflows, "product data management" (authorizations, 
assignments), medical information access, telecomm business info, etc.  
A friend and longtime standards professional, Larry Johnson, organized a 
"People Who Like People" get together at each quarterly meeting, with 
the purpose of getting all the views in front of all the viewers, and 
hopefully coming to some common base model.  After something like 8 
meetings, we abandoned the effort.  It takes a lot of work to establish 
a viable common base model that supports all the viewpoint models.    (03)

Similarly, after 7 years of work and 20+ standards, the HR-XML 
consortium (Human Resources information sets) decided that for version 3 
of the HR-XML standards suite, it was important to create a common base 
model, because most of the principal concepts had different terms and 
somewhat different interpretations in the separate HR-XML standards 
(because they were produced by different working groups at different 
times).  To the best of my knowledge, they are 2+ years into the effort 
and still struggling.     (04)

And these are groups that are/were modeling at the UML level.  If you 
want to put formal axioms into your ontology, it becomes even more 
difficult to get agreement.  There were only 6 views of the legendary 
elephant; there are many more views of 'person'.    (05)

Best of luck!    (06)

-Ed    (07)

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James Schoening wrote:
> Ontolog Subscribers,
> This is an invitation to join an effort to develop a Person Ontology 
> to support the emerging  Personal Data Service (PDS) movement.  
> PDS is a movement to enable individuals to gain control of their 
> own data and identities.  One emerging technical solution 
> (Higgins) includes a 'Persona Ontology' as part of their broader 
> identity solution.  
> This project is based on the premise that a Person Ontology is 
> important enough to be a separate standard, developed and 
> championed by its own focused community (that's us).   Of course, a 
> Person Ontology is only one piece of the ecosystem, so we will work 
> with other PDS and identity innovators to ensure the pieces fit 
> together.   
> A separate and supporting Upper Ontology is also needed, which will 
> allow vendors to extend their ontologies from the same Upper Ontology 
> that the Person Ontology is extended from.   This will enable better 
> data interoperability (and even inferencing) between an individual's 
> PDS and vendor applications.   This will not be an effort to create an 
> Upper Ontology for all purposes, but rather will start small and focus 
> on meeting bottom-up requirements from this use-case.       
> Please review the Person Ontology wiki site at 
> http://person-ontology.org <http://person-ontology.org/>.   To join 
> this effort, subscribe to our mailing list by either sending me an 
> email or following the instructions at 
> http://www.person-ontology.org/how-to-participate.   
> Regards,
> Jim Schoening
> Global Research, Inc. (non-profit)
> http://gri3.org <http://gri3.org/>
> jim.schoening1@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:jim.schoening1@xxxxxxxxx>     (010)

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