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Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2011 04:51:54 -0400
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Ontolog Subscribers,
This is an invitation to join an effort to develop a Person Ontology to support the emerging  Personal Data Service (PDS) movement.  
PDS is a movement to enable individuals to gain control of their own data and identities.  One emerging technical solution (Higgins) includes a 'Persona Ontology' as part of their broader identity solution.  
This project is based on the premise that a Person Ontology is important enough to be a separate standard, developed and championed by its own focused community (that's us).   Of course, a Person Ontology is only one piece of the ecosystem, so we will work with other PDS and identity innovators to ensure the pieces fit together.   
A separate and supporting Upper Ontology is also needed, which will allow vendors to extend their ontologies from the same Upper Ontology that the Person Ontology is extended from.   This will enable better data interoperability (and even inferencing) between an individual's PDS and vendor applications.   This will not be an effort to create an Upper Ontology for all purposes, but rather will start small and focus on meeting bottom-up requirements from this use-case.       
Please review the Person Ontology wiki site at http://person-ontology.org.   To join this effort, subscribe to our mailing list by either sending me an email or following the instructions at http://www.person-ontology.org/how-to-participate.   

Jim Schoening
Global Research, Inc. (non-profit)

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