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Very nice point, thank you.
So instead of claiming that we have a number of upper ontologies none of which 
is the best and the most approrate, we should start anaylsing and comparing 
those already in use and point out any shortcomings. Therefore we likely need 
agree through accepting definitions of whatever term we use in a step by step 
fasion taking each term under scrutiny and declaring whether accepted or 
and on what grounds. This is a process of alignment of paradigm or terminology 
used to express our concepts that are not accessible otherwise. 
"our attention becomes structured by external demands. In more intimate 
encounters, the level of both challenges and skills can grow very high. Thus, 
interactions have many of the characteristics of flow activities, and they 
certainly require the orderly investment of mental energy. The strong effects 
of     (01)

companionship on the quality of experience suggest that investing energy in 
relationships is a good way to improve life." Mihály 
Csíkszentmihályi"http://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/199707/finding-flow?page=3    (02)

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