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From: David Eddy <deddy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2011 11:07:55 -0500
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John -    (01)

On 2011-03-12, at 10:33 AM, John F. Sowa wrote:    (02)

>     The best way to get people to be virtuous is
>     to make virtue the path of least resistance.
> For example, if we can provide tools that gather the documentation
> during the implementation, we can ensure that they are always in sync.
> That is why controlled natural languages for *output* can often be
> far more important than CNLs for input.    (03)

Strong agreement.    (04)

I watch vigorous discussion of what ontologies are or are not, what  
they may or may not be useful for.    (05)

But so far I've not seen any (premature as it is) discussion of  

HOW can ontologies be delivered to people who have zero interest?  If  
it is "necessary" to have a solid grounding in formal logic, the  
effective market for ontologies will be zero.    (07)

Example: I like driving a car since I enjoy the utility of going from  
A to B.  I have zero interest how the engine or transmission works.   
ZERO.  That's the genius of technology... it's usable.    (08)

Can you imagine if you asked someone to teach you to drive & they  
started by saying: First you need to understand how spark plugs work  
& valves & camshafts & crankshafts & universal joints,...  You'd  
quickly return to shanks mare.    (09)

If there is to be sustained use of ontologies, the ontologists MUST  
step back & get out of the loop.    (010)

I rather think of this like dealing with a compiled software  
language.  As I'm learning the language I will misspell reserved  
words & generate e-level messages (e.g. the compile failed & I cannot  
go forward).  I quickly learn that it's important to spell "move"  
correctly & consistently rather than MVC.  There are aids/help to  
nudge me along as I learn just enough to move forward.    (011)

So how is this ontology stuff to be implemented?  Made usable by  
people who have zero interest in understanding the nuances of logic?    (012)

Perhaps I've missed it, but in this discussion of CNL, I've not seen  
a single mention of Caterpillar.  Is that a comment of their efforts  
being so wonderful that it's invisible... or died off?    (013)

David Eddy
deddy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx    (014)

781-455-0949    (015)

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