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Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 16:59:32 +0000 (GMT)
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Jeffrey:    (01)

Re: I do not agree that "attention is the weakest, but minimum form of 
connecting." My experience is that attracting attention the hardest part of 
communication. It is thus the most expensive. In our environment of continuous 
data from many diverse sources, finding out how to be heard above the 
is not a trivial task. Look at any staff meeting, or get the attention of any 
teenager ;-)
> So the knowledge creation process might be thought of as the steps: 
>connection, exchange, filtration, integration, new knowledge.    (02)

FK Attracting attention is hard for several reasons. 1. Percpetion and recall, 
etc. are selective processes. 2. The attention span and short-term memory seem 
to be proportionally related. 3. The issue to be solved between the speaker and 
the audience is sychrnisation of thought 
 http://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/User:Genezistan/Synchronization_of_thoughts/lecture_1    (03)

5. the level of commuication should fit the knowledge of the listener, who is 
interestedb in hearing news (comment on topic), but may be 
impatient, self-confident, etc. in his knowledge that may even be tied up with 
string emotion and interest, so anything tocontardict his currrent credence 
and/or interest will be immediatelly blocked out. Succesful conversion is only 
possible after your audiencefeels doubts about his earlier or current 
model/paradigm and ih he has got the AHA experience 
Ferenc    (04)

Attention is the weakest, but a minimum form of connecting.
It is also the minimum price you pay for getting connected.
Getting connected means exchanging information. "Information is transformation" 
(Bela Hamvas)    (05)

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