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[ontolog-forum] Fwd: Breaking News: Google supports GoodRelations

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From: Martin Hepp <martin.hepp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2010 11:48:27 +0100
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FYI - I forgot to copy the ontolog mailing list.
Apologies if you received the mail already via other channels.
Martin Hepp    (01)

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> From: Martin Hepp <mfhepp@xxxxxxxxx>
> Date: 2. November 2010 19:08:17 MEZ
> To: goodrelations <goodrelations@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Breaking News: Google supports GoodRelations
> Dear all:
> Breaking News: Google has just started to recommend using the  
> GoodRelations vocabulary for product and price information in Web  
> pages!
> See
> http://www.heppresearch.com/gr4google
> This is a major - if not the critical - step towards massive  
> adoption of RDF, because there is now a clear incentive for any site  
> owner in the world to add rich meta-data in RDFa to her or his page  
> templates. It is also, to my knowledge, the first OWL DL vocabulary  
> adopted by a major search engine.
> It is safe to assume that additional GoodRelations elements, not  
> currently relevant for Rich Snippets, and RDF features currently not  
> required by Google (e.g. datatype information), will not irritate  
> Google's processing of RDFa markup, so you can cater for Google and  
> the Web of Linked Data in one turn if you follow the recipe from my  
> page given above.
> I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the many  
> individuals who supported my work on GoodRelations in one way or  
> another over the past years, namely Andreas Radinger, Alex Stolz,  
> Uwe Stoll, Kavi Goel, Kingsley Idehen, Jay Myers, Peter Mika,  
> Stephan Decker, Jamie Taylor, Andreas Harth, Aldo Bucchi, Giovanni  
> Tummarello, Richard Cyganiak, Jon Udell, Daniel Bingel, Markus  
> Linder, Martin Schliefnig, Andreas Wechselberger, Leyla Jael Garcia,  
> and many others. All of them have provided valuable suggestions and  
> feedback, encouragement, or both.
> This is a great day for the Semantic Web and Linked Data. Now please  
> spread the word!
> Best wishes
> Martin Hepp
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