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[ontolog-forum] language vs logic - ambiguity andstartingwithdefinitions

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Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2010 12:09:52 +0000 (GMT)
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Sorry about my typos, here are my corrections
I am looking forward to see your ontology.
It is not a freebie, I am afraid. All my efforts on this forum have been to generate a dialogue betwen those interested and me in order to come to an agreement that such an ontology is needed and is doable. As soon as I find enough people to justify the establishment of a foundation for the utilisation and exploitation of a deliverable in that line to be mutually defined and accepted, I am ready to go. On my own I have no vested interest in creating such an ontology as I am not in this busines or social environment at all. The only correspondence so far on some details of my thoughts has been started with John Bottoms.
But keep in mind that following Aristotle you may need more categories - he counts 10, they say (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Categories_%28Aristotle%29).
With respect given, I do not think that I need Aristotle's categories. In fact, my philosophical backgound  comes from Hegel, a lot more up to date view of the world in terms of categories, including Wittgenstein, whos is partly useful.

May be it's better just to write an article? IMHO - commenting is not a good way to introduce paradigm.
You are right. I have written a  couple of papers to introduce parts of the paradigm on the net. But since there has been not much response to motivate me, including your current reponse here, except that i appreciate the fact that you have asked questions, I am of the opinion that sooner or later some of you will try to figure out what I am about and keep silent about it until coming out with his own version. I am aware of the business value of such a hypothetical solution (new paradigm) put in practice in several fields that are now problematic.

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