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Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2010 07:12:22 +0000 (GMT)
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Dear Pavithra.
You wrote:
....Such explicit example and Ontology  helps to establish existence of that person in that environment  and provides accurate accountability of the status.
Finally it all adds up to building systems that keep accurate track of inmates, or patients or hostelites.
Again it all adds up to proof of existence and accountability!  Such rules makes it  easy to model for computer programming...  ( for duration,  billing etc etc..)

FK: I fully agree with you.
One significant purpose of NLs besides expressing emotions is to give an account of the object, etc. in the environment. Counting, enumerating is necessary, becasue our memory is short. All that algebra is an aid to reasoning burnt in the memory in the form of a number line and plus one.
You wrote: After all semantics is about reasoning.
FK: Yes, and if anything to be represented in 2D either as a complex network or graph is too difficult, becasue it looks like a haystack, well, that proves that whatever is to be represented then has been evolving in time, and making it simpler means going bck in the process instead of breaking it down into smaller units that only show connections in the air.

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