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Date: Fri, 21 May 2010 07:39:33 +0100
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One further consideration is whether one identifies the individual as an 
individual, or an individual as an exemplar of a type (standard 
construction). For example, this is a part type 123, serial number 456 - 
with the 123-456 being a unique identifier for the individual. This is a 
very common method of part marking.    (01)

 However, a component may be installed in a system, then modified, so that 
it an exemplar of a different specification (in the case of test tubes, 
think glass blowing, although this is a more significant issue for aerospace 
components). In this case, one may wish to continue to track the history of 
an individual, even though it is now a different type of thing. In this case 
it is no longer a 123, it is a 321, and no longer can be validly called a 
123-456. However the individual must maintain its identity, but cannot 
simply be renamed 321-456 as this looses traceability, and there may already 
be an individual called 321-456.    (02)

 The answer in the aerospace industry ISO 21849:2006 "Aircraft and Space - 
Industry data - product identification and traceability", which defines a 
detailed part marking model, and which I believe came out of work to develop 
a bar-coding standard (now that was a DULL read).    (03)

 Sean Barker
 Bristol, UK    (04)

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