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Re: [ontolog-forum] Cultural variation in cognitive machinery

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Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2010 21:07:44 +0200
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Ali,    (01)

Yes, I sympathize with this:    (02)

> Hehe, Michael G had cautioned me about sharing non-engineering tidbits, I
can now see why :D.    (03)

But my response to you did, I hope, make it clear that I (for one) consider 
"tidbits" to be rather key to the O/ontological edifice we're all working on.    (04)

<snip>    (05)

> > [CS] Ali concentrates on the non-common, the differences, between 
> > situations.  And of course the differences and changes seem to be what 
> > counts for him... while Ali and his cohorts will fleece out what doesn't 
> > neatly into those patterns but will help people better discover their 
> > uniquenesses and manage their differences.    (06)

> I mostly agree with your sentiment. There is nothing in opposition to work 
> being done by others. Though I'm also not fond of labeling "paying attention 
> to the effects of media + technology on how one thinks" as "concentrating on 
> differences."    (07)

Too big a gap between them?  But I did, I thought, pitch the former as one mere 
case of the latter.  And I was obviously trying to generalize.    (08)

> This type of analysis can identify striking commonalities as well. I'll 
> refrain from posting to the list, but when I have time, I'll write up and 
> elsewhere on the web, how considering networked first order logic as a medium 
> can lead to useful (unifying) results for the formal ontology community.    (09)

I look forward to the product of that fine intention!    (010)

> Oh, I should also be clear, media studies is not my concentration - simply 
> perspective that can be of use to an ontologist (or really, anyone). 
> it is less about fleshing out "differences" than determining how the 
> / "essence" of these technologies affect our use of them.    (011)

Indeed, and McLuhan would have approved.    (012)

Keep it up.  If I may presume to offer you a hint:  develop ontology 
orthogonality as a criterion and technique for the Separation of Concerns, and 
particularly between essential application and user issues on the one hand and 
the characteristics of the various media technologies on the other.  (Warning: 
complications arise at the levels of abstraction where the orthogonalities are 
no longer perfect.)    (013)

Christopher    (014)

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