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Matt and all,
   Re:    (01)

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> Peter and All,
> In the context of discussing what SIO means to someone, and what work
> is envisioned to be accomplished, a question that came to me was what
> is the relation between OOR and SIO, and Peter you suggested that a
> better question would be what are the relations between
> * JohnSowa's Lattice of Theories
>   * PatCassidy's FO/COSMO
>   * SIO
>   * COLORE
>   * BioPortal
>   * OOR
>   * Ontolog
> Your more inclusive question is better to help get the discussion going
> so I included it here.
> Matthew K. Hettinger
> Mathet Consulting, Inc.
>     (02)

[[PC]] The structure of the SIO will be a topic for discussion among those
who participate in its construction, but my own views of the possible
relations are here (others may have other interpretations)    (03)

(1) The OOR will contain ontologies in all formats, from any source willing
to provide them, with as much metadata as their custodians are willing to
provide; OOR will mirror or reference the ontologies in BioPortal as well as
others.  Likewise, ontologies now or in the future maintained in other
repositories can be included in, federated with, or referenced in OOR.  OOR
will try to be as comprehensive as possible.
(2) COLORE (ask Mike G for definitive interpretation) has ontologies in
Common logic, organized as modules, with carefully axiomatized relations
between them.  Whether or not it will be practical to fully axiomatize all
possible relations is not clear to me, but that could be a very large task.
The ontologies in COLORE will be directly referenced from OOR in some way,
but the exact relationship and mechanism has not yet been determined.
(3) The common "Foundation Ontology" (FO) or more specifically, the
"Primitive Inventory Foundation Ontology" (PIFO, sometimes FO for short) is
a **proposed** foundation ontology that contains representations of all of
the identified semantic primitives - those ontology elements whose intended
meanings cannot be fully specified as FOL combinations of other elements in
the PIFO.  This will be a practically useful entity only after some group of
independent developers of reasonable size adopts a PIFO and tests its
performance in a number of applications.
(4) The COSMO is an ontology currently in OWL (needs to be converted to CL
form) that is being developed as a first approximation to a PIFO; the first
stage is to include representations of all of the words in the Longman
dictionary defining vocabulary, on the hypothesis that the set of senses
(sometime multiple) of these words used in definitions constitute a minimal
approximation to the set of semantic primitives needed for many
applications.  This set will be supplemented as tests with ontology
supplications demonstrate a need for additional primitives.  There are
ontology elements in the COSMO that are *not* primitive, but represent
common notions needed for coherent communication.
(5) The SIO - less than 24 hours since conception, still in embryonic stage
- is (as I understand it, John Sowa is the lead) a Lattice Of Theories -
ontologies represented in some dialect of CL, that are related to each other
by some axioms.  In the ideal, the exact logical path from one theory to
another, being a set of intermediate ontologies, could be defined, but will
be a lot of work.  Useful mappings, of the kind that are intended for
COLORE, should be part of the SIO set of ontologies.  To what extent that
can be done will depend on whether the project can gather funding or
volunteer effort.    (04)

Pat    (05)

Patrick Cassidy
cell: 908-565-4053
cassidy@xxxxxxxxx    (06)

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