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Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2009 23:48:33 -0500
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Rick,    (01)

Thanks for posting a pointer to that talk by Pat Hayes:    (02)

RM> For those who did not attend iswc, the blogic keynote is
> now available here ...
> http://videolectures.net/iswc09_hayes_blogic/    (03)

But I'd like to add a few more words about this talk and why it's
important.  Pat H, as we all know, is a frequent contributor to
this forum, but he was also intimately involved with two topics
that are frequently mentioned in this forum:    (04)

  1. The semantic foundations for the Common Logic standard.    (05)

  2. The semantic foundations (LBase) for RDF.    (06)

In fact, most of the differences between Common Logic and the old
KIF result from the requirements for making Common Logic support
the semantics of RDF.    (07)

In that talk, Pat discusses Peirce's graph logic, and he makes a
modest proposal for future directions for Semantic Web languages:    (08)

  1. Adopt RDF as the foundation for *all* semantic web logics
     and extend it to the full expressive power of Common Logic.    (09)

  2. Instead of "layering" OWL and other languages on top of RDF,
     make RDF the most general language and *embed* other logics
     as special cases of the newly extended RDF.    (010)

  3. The technique that Pat advocates is one that C. S. Peirce
     developed for his existential graphs.    (011)

For people who may not be familiar with Peirce's graph logic,
point #3 is not likely to be obvious.    (012)

However, I had been making some slides for a tutorial on Common
Logic, and I started with Peirce's graph logic at the beginning.
I still haven't finished the full set of slides, but the part
about Peirce's graph logic is sufficient:    (013)

    Introduction to Common Logic    (014)

I suggest that readers start with these slides to get a brief
overview of Peirce's existential graphs.  Then go back to
listen to Pat's talk, which is cited above.    (015)

John Sowa    (016)

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