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[ontolog-forum] Ontology modules and namespaces

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Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 01:24:38 +0000
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A good question [originally posted on semantic-web and public-lod lists].    (01)

Forwarding the conversation to Ontolog-Forum and SIOC-Dev lists as
their subscribers may also have interesting insights.    (02)

Simon Reinhardt wrote:    (03)

> Hi,
> It is becoming somewhat popular for large ontologies to be split into a core 
>ontology file and module ontology files (which import the core). Normally each 
>module then gets its own namespace for the terms defined in it. I was 
>wondering though if that is too complicated for users of the ontologies. I 
>have seen confusion of "sioc" and "sioct" (the prefixes for the SIOC core and 
>the SIOC Types module namespaces) and when such vocabularies get higher 
>adoption by people not so well versed with ontologies I can see it happen a 
>lot more often.
> So as an alternative I want to explore the idea of just using one namespace 
>shared between the core and the modules. The advantage would be not having to 
>guess which namespace to use. One disadvantage for the developer(s) of the 
>ontology is that a "local name" can only be used in one of the modules or 
>core, you can't use the same "word" under a different namespace with a 
>different meaning. Another disadvantage is that if you want the terms to 
>dereference to the ontology files they have been defined in then you can only 
>do that with a "/" namespace (and you have to set up lots of redirects).
> My questions: What do you think of that idea? Can you see any other 
>advantages or disadvantages? Do you think several namespaces are not confusing 
>at all? And what are the main advantages to splitting up ontologies into 
>modules other than being easier to organise? Do they justify a higher burden 
>on the ontology users?
> Thanks,
>  Simon
>    (04)

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