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Pavithra,    (01)

The Indo-European language family was the first major family to be
discovered.  Following is a web site in India that describes the
report by William Jones in 1786 that noted the strong similarities
between Latin, Greek, and Sanskrit:    (02)

    http://www.hinduwebsite.com/general/sanskrit_links.asp    (03)

These Indo-European family is extremely well established, and the
Sanskrit is much more closely related to Latin and Greek than to
the Dravidian languages.  Cultural similarities are less conclusive
because there has been obvious borrowing between them for thousands
of years.  Much more critical linguistically are the roots and the
endings on nouns and verbs.    (04)

There are hundreds of examples such as the following    (05)

'dva' in Sanskrit, 'dva' in Russian, 'duo' in Latin, 'two' in English.    (06)

The Russian linguists who coined the term Nostratic claim that the
Dravidian languages are sufficiently similar to the Indo-European
family to be classified with them in the Nostratic superfamily.    (07)

Following is an article about Nostratic:    (08)

    http://popgen.well.ox.ac.uk/eurasia/htdocs/nostratic.html    (09)

You can find many more hits by typing the two words 'Dravidian'
and 'Nostratic' to Google.    (010)

John    (011)

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