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[ontolog-forum] When to use pure subclassing and when to use subclassing

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From: garz <garz@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2009 18:34:31 +0200
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Hi,    (01)

i'm trying to create an ontology and there is a problem that i have in 
understanding the difference between a pure subclass and a subclass 
defined as intersection. my own explanation for this is the following:    (02)

a subclass defined as intersection relates to the properties the 
superclass has and constraints them. for example redwine constraints the 
property color of the superclass wine by constraining its value to red. 
redwine is like an aspect or a view on a class, in this case on the 
aspect color. or its like an alias picking a subset out of the related 
superclass. a class defined that way introduces a new concept or term by 
just using the already existing, its not capable of creating new 
content, so to speak.    (03)

a pure subclass should then be used, if there is something new to it, 
represented as a property that isnt mentioned in the superclass and the 
subclass is free to introduce this property or not. if the property 
already was in the superclass, a subclass defined by intersection would 
be sufficient.    (04)

am i correct with this thinking? i dont really get it. or is 
intersection always applicable, but in this case i really dont 
understand the sense behind it. plz enlighten me.    (05)

regards    (06)

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