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IT Ontology
I'm interested in locating (or creating) an ontology that deals specifically
with companies, people and products in information technology. I have done a
little research and have not found any. Does anybody know of such an
ontology already in existence?  If not, I'd like to create it. I've read up
on the subject at the Protégé project site and think I have a good idea how
to go about it. However, I'm new to all this semantic web stuff (albeit
fascinated by it) and would appreciate some mentor support along the way, if
anybody here is experienced in ontology development and would like to give
me feedback and suggestions in response to my progress.  I am wondering if
this is the right forum for such a discussion. Of course, if such a ontology
already exists that wouldn't be necessary. At any rate, I'm interested in
working on such a project and making it available for anybody to use. I look
forward to your thoughts.  Thanks. Kevin    (06)

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