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[ontolog-forum] Semantics of Natural Languages

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Date: Sun, 17 May 2009 00:45:47 -0400
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Many of the discussions in this forum have addressed issues related to
the differences between formal ontologies and the semantics of natural
languages.  For anyone who would like to see what linguists of various
persuasions are saying about semantics, following is a list of papers
and PhD dissertations on semantics that are available for free download:    (01)

    http://semanticsarchive.net/sem-bin/browse.pl    (02)

This list is in reverse chronological order from 2009 to 2000.    (03)

Most of the papers address very narrow and detailed issues, but some of
them are more general.  For a survey of formal semantics written as
an encyclopedia article, see    (04)

    http://schlenke.free.fr/Semantics.pdf    (05)

I have very serious doubts about any treatment of NL semantics that
does not come to grips with the issues raised by Wittgenstein's later
philosophy, but this article is a reasonable summary of what formal
linguists are doing.    (06)

Following is an article that addresses issues of context:    (07)

    http://semanticsarchive.net/Archive/jVhNzFiM/QPRS.pdf    (08)

The following article raises a fundamental issue for ontology:
do 'Cheeto' and other trademarked terms refer to a natural kind
or an unnatural kind?    (09)

    http://semanticsarchive.net/Archive/DU2ZmMwN/copyright.pdf    (010)

This list of articles illustrates the wide range of issues and
the unlikelihood that anyone is going to develop a unified
universal ontology that can address all of them simultaneously.    (011)

John Sowa    (012)

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