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[ontolog-forum] System, architecture(s) and viewpoints ala 42010

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From: "Anders W.Tell" <opensource@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2009 19:25:42 +0200
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An interesting subtlety was discussed in our national ISO delegations 
deliberations on the upcoming ballot re the ISO std 42010. It would be 
interesting for me to hear the community's view on this rather 
interesting std and subtlety.    (01)

The 42010 This International Standard addresses the creation, analysis 
and sustainment of architectures of systems through the use of 
descriptions.<http://www.iso-architecture.org/ieee-1471/docs/IEEE-P42010-D6.pdf>.    (02)

The subtlety is related to the rule; All 'man-made systems'  has one and 
only one 'architecture'    (03)

Here the debate started with questions such as:
* Does all systems have an 'intrinsic' architecture?  (maybe some 
systems are to small to have an architecture? Can a human be viewed as a 
system, and in this case does the human have and architecture?)    (04)

* Can a system have more than one architecture or does the identity of 
the system change when multiple architectural types are discussed and 
documented? (solution-, target-, enterprise-, business, it-, information 
architectures types may be related to different systems?)    (05)

* Should the usage of terms such as "business-" and "information 
architecture" be replaced with "business viewpoint" and "crosscutting 
information viewpoint"?    (06)

* Can/should two different airplanes be considered as the same system 
since they have been constructed from the same set of (architectural) 
requirements?    (07)

There seems to be a heated discussion relating to what many sees an 
'important' distinction or focus related to how 'architecture' is 
defined. One definition focus on architecture as a "fundamental 
conception" of a system, (starting from the mental concepts of what 
architecture is)  another approach is to focus on architecture as 
reflection of the properties of a system, from which an architecture 
emerges or is an intrinsic part.    (08)

Thanks for any feedback or discussion on above subtlety!
/anders w. tell    (09)

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