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From: Ed Dodds <ed.dodds@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2009 08:07:36 -0500
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Apologies for cross posts - Ed    (01)

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From: scor@xxxxxxxxxx <NO-REPLY@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, Apr 18, 2009 at 7:30 AM
Subject: Fields in Core: 'RDF in core code sprint' at groups.drupal.org
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scor@xxxxxxxxxx has posted a Event at http://groups.drupal.org/node/21469    (03)

RDF in core code sprint
There are only a few months left before the code freeze on September
1st. Now that Fields API has settled in core, it's time to extend it
with some RDF semantics. DERI Galway is hosting an RDF in Drupal code
sprint during the week of May 11th until May 17th. (These dates have
been chosen from a previous doodle survey).
Goals of the code sprint
The RDF code sprint will focus on Drupal core and aim at integrating
RDF semantics in it.    (04)

Extend Fields API to integrate RDF mappings for each field instance.
The semantics of a field can differ from a bundle to another. This can
be stored either in the existing settings property or by adding a
rdf_mappings property to the Field Instance objects.
Modify the Fields UI (contrib) to allow RDF mappings editing.
Define the appropriate mappings for the core modules, based on the RDF
core mapping proposal
Patch core modules with the mappings defined above.
Export these mappings in RDFa via the theme layer and keep it as
generic as possible in order to ease the work of the themers.
Identify other non-fieldable entities in core which could benefit from
being RDF-ized, and see how to annotate them. Comment is one example.
Terms also, though they might become fieldable.
RSS 1 (RDF) in core. Arto volunteered to get started with that.    (05)

See a list of current open RDF issues in RDF issues in core.
See also the RDF code sprint wiki page where we will keep an up to
date list of goals.
Discussion and open issues    (06)

Should modules be allowed to change these mappings via a hook_alter?
Participants    (07)

Stéphane Corlosquet, DERI
Rolf Guescini, Cerpus
Erno Zsemlye, Pronovix
Kornél Lugosi, Pronovix
Tamas, Pronovix
Benjamin Melançon, Agaric Design (tbc)    (08)

This list is not closed. If you or your group have expertise in Drupal
core development + RDF and would to participate, please contact me
directly at stephane.corlosquet@xxxxxxxxx We are specifically looking
for people familiar with the Fields API.
We are looking for sponsors to help funding travels and accommodation
for some of the participants.
Get to Galway
You can either fly to:    (09)

Dublin and get a direct bus from the airport to Galway (3h ride) for
25 euros return or alternatively get the train from Heuston station in
Dublin to Galway (30min bus + 2,5 train).
Shannon and catch a direct bus to Galway (2h) 23 euros with Citylink.
Galway and catch a cab to the city (~20 euros). Flights are more
expensive and mostly from the UK only.    (010)

Ryanair and Aerlingus among others fly to Ireland.    (011)

Accommodation    (012)

Sleepzone Hostel (Budget): Backpacker hostel close to the town
centre/Eyre Square. Friendly staff and generally hassle free in my
experience, though can be a lot of passing noise on the street
outside. Free wifi in the spacious kitchen and lounge area, plus an
internet room. Basic breakfast included in the price last time I
stayed. Some private rooms, or you can sometimes get a whole dorm room
to yourself if you don't want to share. A decent budget option.    (013)

Westwood House Hotel(Top End): Just across the road from DERI Galway,
on the outskirts of town. Quite upmarket. I haven't stayed here, but
the restaurant is decent. Possibly a good option if you just want to
visit the DERI building, but maybe a bit inconvenient if you want to
get to and from town frequently?    (014)

Corrib haven : 5 minutes walk from DERI, a nice BnB. Bacon / Eggs /
Sausages for breakfast. Not sure if they have single rooms, the price
for a double one is usually 35pps. They have a wifi access, but not
working very well. There's another BnB in front of that one, almost
the same prices. Yet, as for Westwood, it's a bit far from the city
center.    (015)

The Abbey House BnB - Just down the road from DERI, about 3 mins
walking. Right next to the Corrib Haven (see above). The website looks
a bit outdated, but the BnB is nice (I stayed there myself once).    (016)

Snoozle's (Budget): Another backpaper hotel in the city center (2
minutes from the new coach station). Not sure they have wifi, but it's
brand new and really clean, at least in the lounge / kitchen, I didn't
try the rooms.    (017)

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