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Azamat wrote:


>Number (multitude)  and magnitude are the generic kinds of quantity. As continous and discontinous >quantity, both are necessary in SO.  Quantities with their relationships make the subject of mathematics. >For more, see the Quantity article, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantity


Those objects that are “primitive” in RDBs include numbers, Booleans, strings, and so forth.  Although mathematicians are concerned with numbers and their relationships, business databases are not.  They simply want to record quantities in individual columns.  For that reason, I think an FO should not dwell on numbers other than to declare integers, reals, and datetimes as numbers and Booleans as truth values.  There is no gain in expanding business oriented RDBs to include number theory beyond that. 


Deeper concepts about numbers could be in the next ontology down from the UHLO.  That way number theorist mathematicians could still work with RDBs, even though they tend to eschew them at this point in time.  







Rich Cooper


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