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Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2009 14:57:45 -0000
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> Subject: Re: CHAT: The role of the translator (was: The Enemy Within)
> I fully agree.
> In simultaneous interpreting, understanding contents (rather than
> individual
> words) is absolutely vital.
> Without understanding contents
> a) you would be unable to anticipate speech,
> b) you would be unable to select the right tone in your voice,
> c) you would be unable to make up for obvious errors of the speaker (e.g.
> numbers),
> d) you would be unable to select an appropriate makeshift translation when
> the correct specialized piece of vocabulary is missing.
> When interpreting negotiations for one of the parties, the interpreter is
> even called upon to intervene in the customer negotiating team. ("This
> strategy flopped five weeks ago and your colleague had real trouble with
> his
> boss. I wouldn't try the same again.")
> Translators and interpreters simply produce target-language texts serving
> a
> target-language purpose, using the source-language text as one of the
> input
> variables.
> Hans-Jürgen
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> From: "Ute Buchhauer" <ute@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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> Sent: Saturday, January 31, 2009 10:30 AM
> Subject: Re: CHAT: The role of the translator (was: The Enemy Within)
> Hi,
> >   Tovale Cohen <la_translations@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >Also, as far understanding goes, there are situations when one has to
> >translate, or more precisely, interpret, and to interpret accurately,
> >something that one can't possibly understand completely (certainly not
> >enough to explain). I mean simultaneous translation, when one has to be
> >producing output with the same speed the client is speaking, that is, the
> >sentence has to be already "being translated" when it's just started and
> >the translator can't yet possibly know how it's going to end and what
> it's
> >going to mean though he has a general idea what the speech is about
> >(sometimes very general, when the speaker decides to include some
> unrelated
> >joke). In this case the translator's job is certainly only to render it
> >exactly, not to edit, not to point to the mistakes. And not to repeat.
> And
> >yes, it can be hard.
> Aaah ... did someone say "interpreting"?:-)
> I would beg to differ. The interpreter would have to know how the sentence
> is going to end and what it means. If not, the interpreter has picked the
> wrong conference.
> I tend to think most of my "real" work is finished once I enter a booth at
> a
> conference. Most people fail to see how much time it takes to prepare for
> a
> conference. I need to have a decent grasp of the topic at hand. A general
> idea won't do the trick.
> That it turn provides you with enough substance to actually really
> understand the meaning of things, which then allows you to anticipate the
> direction the speaker is headed. Ergo, you are pretty likely to do a good
> job.
> Maybe Anya or Hans-Jürgen would want to comment on that too....
> take care,
> u
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> Conference interpreter and translator
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